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Friday, 13 July 2012

French Lessons with Donna Tartt

Apart from the fact that it is again going to be really hard to get back into the discipline of writing, what have I learned from my visit to France last week?

  • Normandy is a continuation of Dorset (geologists may tell me I am entirely wrong) and that is no bad thing. I am still capable of writing an ambiguous sentence
  • Red Squirrels abound.
  • Driving on the back roads is like being in the 1950's, but you can go faster and engines are more reliable.
  • My father landed tanks at Utah Beach in WW2 when he was twenty years old. (But he never mentioned it until I said we'd been there - I wish I'd known beforehand. Do fathers ever talk to sons?)
  • Language is not everything - but it helps. A smile goes an awfully long way. It's a myth that the French habitually laugh at the English.
WHAT I REALLY LEARNED is not to be daunted by other writers. Enjoy holiday reading. Come back wanting to write as well as Donna Tartt.

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